Congress Announcement

Distinguished scientists and members of the sector; We will be honored by your participation in the congress titled "Islamic Economy and Finance: The Past and The Present" organized by Karabük University(KBU),Turkey and Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan. The congress taking place in Safranbolu a world Heritage museum city by UNESCO in the World Heritage List will bring together academicians studying in the Islamic economy and the finance field and sector representatives and will provide original and new contributions to this literature. Within the scope of the congress; posters, abstract and full papers will be evaluated. Selected best full papers will be published free of charge in "Journal of History Culture and Art Research" which is indexed in Web of Science. The other full papers will be published free of charge in "Journal of Economy, Business and Management". A limited number of graduate and doctoral students selected by the scientific committee of the congress will be able to participate in the congress free of charge. The language of the Congress is Turkish, English and Arabic.

Congress Topics

Islamic Economy

• Theory of Islamic Economy
• Sources of Islamic Economy
• Macro Islamic Economy and Policies
• Fiscal System and Policies of Islamic Economy
• Monetary Policy of Islamic Economy
• Islamic Economy and Development
• Asset Management in Islamic Economy
• Individual Pension in Islamic Economy
• Credit in Islamic Economy
• Insurance in Islamic Economy (Takaful)
• Leading Philosophers and Authors
• Halal Production and Halal Products
•Islamic Economy and Finance Education at Universities
•Ethics in Islamic Economy

Islamic Banking and Insurance

Products of Islamic Banking:
• Mudharabah
• Musharakah
• Ijarah (Financial Leasing)
• Murabahah
• Sukuk (Sharia compliant bond)
• Qarz-al Hassan (Interest-free loan)
• Others
• New Horizons in Islamic Banking: Venture Capital
• Global Situation of Islamic Banking
• The History of Islamic Banking
• Islamic Banking and Risk Management
• Financial Crisis and Islamic Banking
• Islamic Insurance (Takaful) Theory
• Islamic Insurance Practices
• Ethical Values in Participation Banks and Insurance Companies

History of Islamic Economy and Finance

• Islamic Economic History
• History of Islamic Economic Thought
• Financing Techniques and Credit Institutions in Islamic History
• Internal and External Debt of States in Islamic History
• Ottoman Economic History
Ottoman Finance History:
Cash Foundations (Waqfs)
Artisan (Esnaf) Boxes/Funds
Orphan (Eytam) Boxes/Funds
Tekaud (Pension) Boxes/Funds
• Ottoman Economic Thought:
Ottoman Economic Thought in Classical Period
Ottoman Economic Thought after Tanzimat Reform Era
Central Banking in Ottoman
Internal and External Debts of Ottoman Empire
• Modern Banks in Ottoman
Foreign Capitalized Banks
National Government Banks
National Domestic Banks

Honorary Committee

Prof. Dr. Refik POLAT
Prof. Dr. Refik POLAT
Rector of Karabük Universtiy
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Sorour ZOUBI
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Sorour ZOUBI
Rector of Al-Balqa Applied Universtiy

Keynote Speaker

Dear Students; We support your academic studies in the areas of Islamic Economics and Finance. In this regard, papers which you will sent for Congress will be evaluated by Congress Academic Science Board and writers of limited number of papers find an opportunity to register for free. Hope to see you in our congress.

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